wedding in virginia

Really, this weekend was pretty…mediocre, at best, despite the events. Jared & I woke up later than we’d intended on Friday, drove to Virginia, attended the wedding of his cousin, and then we drove back home. The wedding was beautiful. The hotel was comfy. The drive was long. I worked a lot on my sketches which I have to turn in tomorrow. But in reality, the whole weekend was relatively unremarkable. The best part about the weekend was stopping to have lunch with my mom on our way back, but nothing worth mentioning happened — I just got a good hug and caught up on SEE gossip.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but an entirely unremarkable journey was not it. In retrospect, though, it was nice — except for the excessive driving, it was relaxing and quiet, and I got to hang out with Jared.

Now it’s crunch time. Finish up a couple assignments, take some final exams. I’d be stressed and worried, except finals happen every semester, and I’ve come not to care much. At the very least, it means the semester’s nearly over and I’ll be able to go home soon…


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