Okay, so new phone. Whoo! Finally, one which doesn’t turn off when I touch the battery too hard. One which can access the internet and help me keep my schedule. It’s, well, incredible. The Incredible, that is — the new phone by verizon.

Despite my numerous gadgets and awesome tech toys, I am not a techie — but, I can say that all techies would love this phone (including my boyfriend). It’s the iPhone for Verizon, except better. Of course, the name is only slightly less abhorrent than the iPad (really, who comes up with this shit?)…but that’s beside the point.

Some of my favorite features thus far:

1. The Internet. All of the internet access is awesome, but particularly my access to my gmail calendar. Ooh, how I love obsessive organization…

2. The cool graphics. Seriously, the weather drifts across the screen of my phone. No more forgetting that umbrella in the mornings!

3. The 8 megapixel camera. Yeah, I love it. It has the same number of megapixels that my actual camera does, which is kind of disgusting, but also kind of awesome.

4. The apps. I never thought myself much of an “app” person. But Google Sky Maps, TextTwist, and Sudoku have changed my heart on that matter.

5. My ringtone. Sonya Kitchel’s Summertime. It’s awesome.

6. A phone which vibrates when it rings. My first, clunky, brick-like cell phone did it, and it was the only thing I missed when I started upgrading my phones.

Phones really have come so far…I remember 10th or 11th grade, with that clunky brick phone I had…it had no camera, of course, and the screen was a blur of visible pixels and blocky text — but man, my service reception was great, even back in the day. Then there was my razor, which was the first real attempt at a sleek phone. Then the Chocolate — man, that was a shitty phone, right off the bat. And the Envy2, which revealed itself to be a piece of crap after 2 years. And now…the Incredible. Which really is a crazy-huge leap from what I first started with. A tiny, hand-held computer, with me at all times…it’s like nothing I would have imagined my sophomore year of high school.

Since I can’t take a picture of my phone, I’ve taken one with my phone of John Denver, a present from Jared…


2 thoughts on “incredible

  1. …but that would have just taken a picture of the back side of the phone. not quite as impressive as the front side…I guess two mirrors?

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