summer’s almost here…

No, really, it is! I’ve finished my last exam, turned in my last paper, and now I’m just waiting for the last resident to leave so I myself can go home and go swimming in the river and hang out with my mommy.

Last night, Hotjam was hot and sticky, just like its name might suggest in the middle of the summer…but the dancing was honestly fantastic, despite the heat and humidity. I wore my super-cute little dancing heels and, for the first time, felt like they didn’t affect my dancing too badly…until I got a blister, of course, and switched to my Keds. Nick C got super excited about one dancing because it was fantastically playful; T and I had some truly awesome dances, including one to his favorite jazz song which might have made it my favorite jazz song as well; Angelo and I rocked out some westie/soul/lindy/tango on a couple songs that was pure fun and rhythm…all in all, a great night.

This summer, I’m thinking about working with Holly and a few others to see if we can’t do a Charleston choreography. Not necessarily to perform it, but to help expand my repertoire…and I have self-motivation issues, hence the desire to work with others. Also, I’ll be helping Anne with the ESC choreography for Best in Show…

Tonight, I’m going home for a few short hours to see my sister off — she’s going to Alaska for the summer, so she, mom and I are going to have some bonding time in the morning before she flies off. We’re going to get breakfast, I think, and maybe a manicure…I’m super excited. Then I’m back in Atlanta to spend time with some of my friends before the graduate and wrap up all this RA business.

It is an honest relief not to have any more school work for the summer…


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