grades are in, RA busywork almost done…

Grades are in:

Biology: A-
Chemistry: B-
Ecosystems of the Southeast: A

Chemistry officially marks the lowest grade I’ve had at Emory to date. It is sad, kind of, that I dropped below my lowest grade being a B…depending on how you see it. I see it as something I could have achieved (almost all As, no grades below a B). My brother, on the other hand, would see it as sad that I didn’t do worse, almost — he would scoff, and then he would mention the failing grade I got in 10th grade on a test (which he has framed in his room).

RA busywork almost done:

Residents have moved out. Rooms have been checked. Work order sheet has been turned in. Now I just have to wait 4 more days for all this bullshit to be over. Two residents have late-stays, but once they’ve moved out, it will take me a total of 10 minutes to check both rooms and turn the paperwork in. Other than that, I just…wait.

I have all girls, so honestly, my rooms were really easy to check. Two rooms had mirrors up, so I had to record that. One bathroom had a broken toilet. The strangest thing I found, though, was a pink lace bra taped to the underside of the dresser drawer, making the drawer impossible to open until the bra was removed. I’m trying to think of a reason someone might tape a bra underneath the dresser drawer…but I can’t. Not a logical one, at least.


So I wait. Maybe I’ll go hiking with David. Go hang out with Jared. Watch some trash TV. Pack.

I cannot wait to be home.


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