day at the zoo

The other day, Jared and I went to the zoo — really, he is too good for me. I mentioned maybe three weeks ago how much I love zoos, and on my first weekend off (and a lovely day, at that), Jared took me to the Atlanta Zoo. And I gotta admit, we had a blast. The weather was beautiful — warm, sunny, but not so hot that we ran for shade and bought ten over-priced bottles of water. The nice weather also meant all the animals were out, sunning and having a blast. The rhino was right next to the viewing platform, and all the gorillas were hanging out in plain sight. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the weather…which meant it was also a great time to really try out this eight megapixel camera I have on my phone. :)

So, as you can probably see, the camera is great. Granted, it can’t zoom very far, and it can be a little hard to balance (creating slightly blurry photos, as seen in the turtle photo), but it is a great, handy little camera for when I feel the need to take a photo.

Much love!


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