goofing off

There is something to be said for “goofing off” on the dance floor. The other day, a good friend told me it’s one of the things that makes me a good dancer — not only have I improved technically as a dancer, but I intentionally goof off and have fun whenever I can, and that in itself is valuable. Granted, it was Robert who told me this, which is important in and of itself: Robert was and is one of the goofiest dancers I know, as well as one of my most influential leads as a follow. He taught me a lot of what I know today just by goofing off in his dancing with me, especially when I was too new to really know how to swingout. Robert has always been good at having fun no matter whom he’s dancing with: newbie or rock-star, he can have a blast because he’s always goofing off. The fact that I have fun and play within my dancing is, in large part, a result of dancing with him so much in the formative, learning stages of my dancing.

Regardless of Robert’s influence on my play in dancing, it was still a huge compliment — maybe one of the best I’ve ever received in dancing. I love it, honestly — playing and smiling and laughing helps distract me when I’m having a rough day or when I just fouled up a movement…so yeah, I goof off. And it rocks.


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