…sucks. Just saying.

Right now I’m trying to organize housing for EtB. It was supposed to go out today, but it won’t go out until tomorrow…because we are more than 20 spaces short. That’s right. 25, to be exact. Here are some terrible things about being short for housing:

1. Having to beg your friends to house, even when you know they really don’t want to. Last night, I begged incessantly and got 19 housing spots (which is awesome, especially considering how short we originally were). But realistically, it’s pretty demeaning to beg your friends to house. And I would be annoyed if I were in their shoes, so I hate being that person.

2. Other people beg. A lot. I sent out an email saying that we were going to be short, so if you have friends or if you already have space, you should let me know. Three people emailed me back having found housing with friends. The other seventeen people who emailed me tried to justify why they needed housing more than everyone else.

3. Telling people “sorry, but we can’t help” sucks. Or maybe it’s just me. I really just don’t like saying no.

4. Organizing housing. This is a poor job in the first place, since it’s just tedious, but it’s manageable when you have enough places to fit everyone. It just becomes a puzzle — “who can I put where,” which is easy to sort out if you have a bit of patience and a whole bunch of 3×5 notecards. When you’re short on housing, though, a whole new level of challenge is added: how do you prioritize? The first steps are easy: Teachers and DJs must be housed first. And then Volunteers, because they make the event run. But then, the challenge? Do you go in order of who registered first? Does a need for transportation factor in, and if yes, how: do those who have their own transportation have priority over those who do not, or vice versa? Do certain people move up in priority because they can provide transportation? Do those who registered late move up in priority because one person signed up early in the game and requested to be housed with their friends?

For EtB, we strictly went in order of Teachers & DJs, Volunteers, and Registration Order. Once I figured out how many spaces were left after the first two categories, I just counted out that number of notecards, top of the list down. Some people were smart and signed up together, making housing them easy. Most larger groups, however, were almost guaranteed to have one or two group members who signed up too late in the game to get housed. It’s really a “suck it up buttercup” moment…but I anticipate some complaints. And I’m not very happy about that.

This has been a huge headache. And the worst of it all? I probably won’t be able to attend EtB. So I’m doing this work…for nothing. And you know what? That really, really sucks.


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