adventures with juju-bees and trenchcoats

Yesterday, I took some good friends rafting: Maurissa, or “Juju-bee,” and Shelby, or “Trenchcoat.” Four-ish years ago, we all came up to my house and Evan gave my friends these strange little nicknames. Ever since, we’ve been pretty fantastic friends — there’s been road trips, dressing up as anime characters, renting an apartment together, and getting lost in Atlanta together…but until this past weekend, there hadn’t ever been rafting. So we changed that!

Juju moved to Atlanta recently, and Trenchcoat came to visit after recently breaking up with her boyfriend…and so yeah. We went on adventures. We went down to Seven Foot Falls to see the rapid and swim in the water…but then had challenges getting back upstream, and very nearly didn’t make it. And we went hiking, and we ate some sketchy mexican food…

But really, the rafting was the best. Fan-freaking-tastic. I really wasn’t sure how well they’d do — I knew Shelby wasn’t that strong, and Maurissa’s always complained a little bit about unconventional things, like having to use the restroom in the woods…but hot damn, we did it. Of course, we went the wrong way down 7Foot, and our ferry at the Hairy Ferry was a little…well, there was a moment we might not have made it…but damn if we didn’t rock it at Jawbone and make a sweet run at Entrance. Sean was our guide all day, and he really is a spectacular guide.

Two-Step helped us at Jawbone, or we probably wouldn’t have had enough power to get through — he was originally going to bow guide, and when it was decided that he would just paddle with us, I told him he “there was space between my legs for [him] any day.” He blushed and ducked his head, I laughed — I have no interest in Two-Step, as he dates a good friend of mine and…well, the bum and broke raft guides are a trap I’m wary of…but it was worth it to see him blush.

I guided a raft through the puppy shoot when we skirted Sock’em’Dog (too high to run at 1.85′), and it made me miss rafting with an intensity I hadn’t really registered until I was scrambling to stay in the raft as I went down a steep 10′ slide.

And then we took the motorboat ride out, and I sunbathed on the raft and joked with the guides and admired a blue heron on the side of the lake…all in all, a fantastic day.

Juju and Trenchcoat left that evening for Atlanta, promising to come back and go rafting again soon. It really was a fantastic day — I love when I get to take friends rafting.


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