stone mountain…and then some

I finally went to stone mountain…and honestly, it wasn’t half bad. Well, the hike up the mountain was incredibly muggy. And the food was too expensive and not that good. And the laser show was pretty…well, it was a huge advertisement with some cheesy laser effects. But the view at the top of the mountain was breathtaking, the 4D show* was entertaining, the fireworks part of the laser show were fantastic, and the company was good. Oh, and we chased ducks in a paddle boat…mmmh, fun. See pictures below.

If you’re curious, my company was a boy. He’s a dancer from VT who is down here for the summer for an internship…and he’s super nice and super cute, and though I’d really love to take him into a back room and take care of that (and I got so close, only to face plant at the finish line…ask me about that story later), I have found there’s really not a lot of chemistry past my general sexual impulses. I mean, he’s smart and funny and cute, but I feel no overwhelming urge to jump him in public. So now we’re just friends, and it’s kinda nice. Strange, but nice.

Went to the tap lesson at HJ and learned more than I really thought I could — like, wow. It was really awesome. Also, I had some fantastic swingouts that night — in heels, even! Oh…and I got my hair cut! Picture also below.

Look! It's DINNER!

Fellow Duck Hunters helped us scare a whole flock into flight.

New hair cut! Kudos to Gelisa for her mad hair skillz.

PS. I gotta say, the little camera on my phone is fantastic. I mean, it’s not the highest quality in the world, as seen in the first picture here…but that middle picture of the ducks in flight? It’s sharp and clear and barely pixilated, even when you blow it up full size. Plus, it’s super handy, what with it being on my phone and all. I love it so much…

PPS. I uploaded a couple palooza shots. Be sure to check out the video that goes along with the riding lawn mower shot. I KNOW MY RIGHTS!

*For the record, I don’t believe in the fourth dimension. I mean, I see in 3D, and as long as I’ve been alive, scientists have told me that’s about as good as it’s ever gonna get. So I always kind of snigger at the idea of 4D shows, because…I mean, smelling a fart or feeling some water splash on your face is a sensation, not a dimension. So maybe they should talk about 5S shows, for the five senses…that would work, right?


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