a whole lot of nothing

There hasn’t been much of anything significant since I quit SEE. But here are some of the smaller things that have happened…

– I won the Jill and Jack competition at the Gender Bender workshop, despite not having attended said workshop. I got a sweet tie out of it! That was a while ago, though…I’d just forgotten to mention it.

– I like tap. In a weird way. I’ve gone to two lessons now, and both have been challenging and fun. I look forward to next week’s lesson…and after all four lessons, I might do a recap for my own good.

– Finished two books. Pretty g0od, could have been better. Cleaned the house a lot, too. Pretty bored.

– Have arranged to volunteer at three events (Southern Belle, AVS, and Lindy Focus). This is…good.

– Birthday jams were fantastic. The one at Georgia Tech was just hilarious, if only because there was a line of leads and I was stolen faster than I could actually get a full swingout. I wasn’t even going to ask for a bday jam at HJ, but Nima wouldn’t let me slip under his radar…but man, that was a great jam, too. :)

– On the birthday note, best birthday ever. Got a phone call from Gloria, had dinner with the entire family, had lunch with Adam and spent the weekend with Chris. Could not ask for more love in my life.

– Waiting to move to Atlanta. Stoked about the house I’m moving into and the colors I’ve picked for my room.

– Watched Toy Story 3. WOW, fantastic…probably my favorite one, actually. Also watched Despicable Me. Not so fantastic.

– I got a fantastic new pencil skirt. Whoo! Now I have one in brown, grey, and black, all in different styles…so excited.

Wow, that is a whole lot of…nothing. The good news is, I move at the end of the week, so there will soon be much more in my life to be interested in. At least, for me, that is. Cannot WAIT to paint my room and have a good little place to live…


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