“i feel so adult!”

Yesterday, I moved into a new house in downtown Decatur with Heather. It’s a little further from Emory than ideal, but the rent is $900 a month, and I have two roommates. Fantastic? Yes.

My landlord is Miguel, and he is also fantastic. He’s a tango dancer, which I found out after I started looking into the house. He’s super laid back and a great landlord so far — right now there’s an electrician replacing every single outlet, and yesterday there was a plumber looking at all of our water. He’s really concerned that we’re living in a quality place. And, more than that, he’s lenient. He doesn’t care if we have dancers stay over, and he is actually giving us $200 off our first two months’ rent since our third roommate (Mackenzie) can’t move in until her lease is up.

The house is a little old, which is entertaining. Nothing is straight — the refrigerator leans to the left a little, and the floors slope in five different directions. A marble could probably roll through the entire house. But it has character! The kitchen and laundry room are laid out awkwardly, but that doesn’t really matter — after all, the house was built before your typical stove and laundry machine…so it’s not like they were planning for it.

Pictures will go up…soon. We are gathering the bulk of our furniture today, so maybe after that.

When I bought the $300 dining room table and stools which are made from antique wine barrels, I was a little apprehensive…I mean, $300? But in the magazine, the stools alone sold for $498 plus about $100 in shipping…so I was clearly getting a good deal. Anyways, as we were driving home, I leaned over and told my mom, “I feel so adult!” Though such a phrase might belie my age…I still feel that way. ;)


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