on how much i love atlanta

I moved back to Atlanta last Friday, and it was like I could feel the stress falling off my shoulders in heaps. I moved in to my new house without a hitch, painted (most of) the walls, and went back to work…and here are some of the things I love about Atlanta, Emory, and the things I associate with this place.

1. My job is fantastic. I sit in an air conditioned library, accomplish a few minor tasks, and study for the GRE (in-between browsing the internet, of course). I have the same pay rate, but more hours and more respect. Everyone smiles. People actually do their job — almost like responsible adults. It’s nice and comfortable, and I’m glad to be back among people I respect, and among people who respect me.

2. My bosses are MORE fantastic. When I got here, Tara (the Circ Desk Boss) shouted for joy. Then Colin (the Music and Media Boss) came down and we had a meeting about my schedule for the fall semester. They told me to come up with my dream schedule. And that’s what I’ll be working: 40 hrs between the Music and Media desk and the Circulation Desk, spread out over the entire week. I don’t even have to go looking for a second part time job. I’m beyond happy.

3. My roommate is fantastic. I love you, Heather. We’re painting, cleaning, and arranging our house to make it a comfortable little home. I’m loving it.

4. Hotjam is fantastic. Last night, there were so many people I didn’t recognize, and the dancing was so good! We had 3 jams, 1 birthday jam, and we did the big apple and Frankie’s shim sham. It was…amazing. The energy was so high, despite the heat and humidity. Also, I saw Rachel Randall, who is ENGAGED!!

5. Marta is…well, not fantastic. But not terrible! The cheapest option right now is for me to ride MARTA before school starts, since there’s an Emory Express shuttle which takes a direct route and leaves only half an hour on each side for me to be bored and sit around. I mean, I felt incredibly white while riding the bus, but it was safe and easy, which is a relief! At the same time, I’m saving money and being green. Win-win situation!

Being back is good. I’ll be working, dancing, and babysitting…and somewhere in there, I’ll manage to do my homework. I’m helping Meghan move tonight, and Shelby also moves back today. I’m going to see Chris on Thursday, then go home and pick up the rest of my furniture. Then dinner with Val & Sam (who got engaged!! and Jena & Max are engaged!! wow!!), then Emory Milonga, then Clothes Swap…whew. And that’s just this week…


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