southern belle swing bash 2010: review

It was a fantastic time! Here are some of my thoughts on the event.

I’ve never been one to care about how well events are run, but I have to admit — SBSB was run beautifully. I always volunteer, so I see a lot of behind-the-scenes chaos. SBSB, however, had the least amount of chaos I’ve ever seen. I think part of it was the spiffy little volunteer time cards we were given to both hold us accountable and give us an easy-to-read schedule of our individual shifts. I think a bigger part of it, though, was Jaya’s mad organizational skills.

I’ve never really been one to pay attention to the instructor line-up, either. It might be because I’ve never taught, and so I don’t feel I can judge a dancer’s ability to teach, and so I generally accept and enjoy whatever the line up is. However, I must say that I believe the instructors did a fantastic job. They taught beautiful and complex swingout variations, great technique, and they were generally hilarious. Whether they were teaching alone or with a “male assistant,” they paid attention to the leads and helped out when they could, while still focusing on the ladies. Jo is dirty and hilarious, but a very technical and very easy to understand instructor. Laura is elegant, and she teaches in the same way — her connection class and exercises were great. And Carla is…well, fantastic; it’s incredibly easy to learn from her.

The Hotlanta Jazz Band was great — I’d never heard them, but they did a truly fantastic job. They played a great variety, their songs weren’t too long, and their music was poppin. It was a joy to dance to them.

My house guests were incredibly kind and thoughtful. They helped out with the cost of breakfast (which was up there, since we had a lot of food), and they washed dishes and gave us hilarious honorary asian HERRO KITTY shirts.

Most of all, however, was that the people were…the best. Honestly, that’s all I ever care about when it comes to events: how was the dancing? Mediocre? Okay, that’s pretty typical. But SBSB, the dancing was fantastic in that way that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Three songs in a row, two leads simultaneously came up to ask me to dance. I tried to get off the dance floor multiple times for water or a breath of fresh, slightly-less-muggy air…only to be stopped halfway towards the door for another fantastic dance that I just couldn’t turn down. I think I danced more (and sweated more) than I ever have before at an event. There were maybe ten leads there that I just wish I could have danced with more — because even though I danced with each one two or three times each night, it wasn’t enough. But there were too many good leads to even think about dancing with anyone more than two or three times…because, well, damn! How else would you be able to dance with the REST of the fantastic leads?!

All in all, it was a fantastic event. I’d never actually attended more than a dance or two of SBSB in the past due to scheduling conflicts, and I’m really glad I was able to focus on it this year and really enjoy such a wonderful event!


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