the end of the hall deli

So, tomorrow will be day 7 of my sick pagan father in the hospital. Thankfully, there’s a lot of progress being shown. For the most part, Dad’s able to walk, talk, and generally function as normal. Granted, they’ve been fiddling with his medication dosages the last few hours, so he wasn’t feeling the best when I saw him, but they’re working on it.

On Dad’s CaringBridge website, there are over 300 posts and 1500 visits. I mean, wow. And the things that people are saying are…well, astounding. I’ve always known my Dad is a popular, fairly-well-loved man…but the response and support I’ve seen while he’s been sick has been astounding.

The kindness of others is, honestly, impressive. My parents don’t eat the hospital food, for instance — instead, the mothers of the volleyball community have formed a cooking schedule for the next week. My parents eat homemade food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — and not just your average food, no. Chicken Pot Pie was the specialty tonight, for example. They have so much food, in fact, that all the left overs go to the nurses and other patients…and they still have enough to talk about opening the “End of the Hall Deli,” where they’ll sell everything for a dollar.

Tomorrow, Dad will probably move to another hospital for his physical therapy as an in-patient. I’m honestly just relieved that he’s clearly doing so much better.


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