I’ve always hated running. Always. Never had a reason, really — except, it was hard, and it made my shins hurt sometimes, and breathing could get painful, and then I’d be out of breath…but no real reason which would have prevented me from running every once in a while as a decent form of exercise.

Today I ran 1.36 miles on an indoor track in 13.25 minutes — that’s about 9.8mins per mile. Considering it’s already a 20 second improvement over when I started, I’m pretty good with that. And considering I never stopped running (whereas, when forced to run in the past, I would walk as much of it as I could), I’m pretty good with that, too.

I’m going to try to keep up with this, I think. For the semester, definitely, since I have to run or exercise or whatever two days a week, every week. We’ll see if I keep liking it, and if keeps improving, of course…but so far, it’s pretty good.

Soon to come: a post on my seven day “coke challenge.” Or, to be more specific, lack of coke.


One thought on “running

  1. I HIGHLY suggest Galloway’s Book on Running, especially since you are like me and haven’t really run before. When I started running with the marathon team two years ago I was really tearing up my knees because I was trying to keep up with kids who had been in cross country since middle school. Galloway gives you a good beginner running plan and tells you exaclty how to listen to your body so you don’t get hurt as you try to increase your speed.

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