a challenge in which there are a lot of pictures

I was supposed to take a photo a day…but it really turned into two or three photos a day. I’ll try to keep it short…but honestly, there’s just a lot of photos, so it shouldn’t be bad.

September 20:

Broken water bottle = sadness.

September 21:

Playing with the different settings on my camera!

September 22:

Black and white setting!

September 23:

Pretty rose bush outside my house! It’s hard to focus the camera on close pictures, though.

September 24th:

Happy recently married couple!

September 25th:

Does anyone else notice the creepy blue light? There is no creepy blue light if you just look at the wall with straight-up, joe-schmo, unaltered vision…but take a picture and it appears. It honestly creeps me out. I have no idea where it comes from. I noticed it first when playing with the contrast / saturation, but then took a normal picture…and it was still there. CREEEEEPY.

September 26th:

New water bottle! Happiness!

All right. So that’s seven days. I don’t know why I thought I was supposed to go until the 27th this week, but that’s a week of challenges right there. Some thoughts:

Pros: Lots of fun to take pictures! I enjoyed getting to explore the settings on my camera.

Cons: Drains my battery. But really, who cares? That’s why I have a traveling charger.

Conclusion: I give myself a 10/10 for success. I mean…not like it was a challenging one, right?


One thought on “a challenge in which there are a lot of pictures

  1. So the blue light has to be a ghost in your house. I hope for yours, Heather’s and Shelbi’s sake it’s a nice ghost.
    Don’t forget to clip your rose bushes after the blooms begin to die. That way they’ll keep producing.
    Nice new water bottle. Remember, 64 ounces per day makes for a happy, healthy little girl.

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