challege: to drink water?

Impending Challenge:

Drink only water for one week..?! This will be…hard. Today, for example, I’ve had milk, a coke, and one of those vitamin waters which taste so good (Dragonfruit, I think?). So tomorrow, I start this challenge. I’ll update the Challenges Page with the following information, but here’s what I’m thinking.

Purpose: To be healthier! Also, to become more secure in the elimination of coke from my diet, and to maybe cement that into my being.

Challenge: I’m pretty limited in my drinks of choice, but I really like those drinks — coke, milk, orange juice, vitamin water…just regular, plain H2O is on that list, but it’s pretty low. Especially in restaurants, where all I want is to avoid tap water.

Proposed dates: 29 September 2010 – 5 October 2010.

Goodbye, Coca-Cola. Hello H2O.


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