a list of updates

Performance updates:

I have multiple performances coming up!

First, a Charleston piece with the Atlanta Jazz Dance Preservation Society — I’ll be performing as a “chicken,” as we girls in the chorus line have been dubbed. This piece has been challenging me for two reasons: first, I don’t have the time for the rehearsal schedule, and second, I have never tried very hard to master the “twisty” charleston. But that aside, the practices are going well.

Second, a lindy piece with the Flying Biscuits! We’re performing at KLX (16 Oct), Hotjam (1 Nov), and Georgia Tech (6 Nov). I’m especially excited that we’re performing this piece more than once, as it will give us an opportunity to settle into it and really refine our performance!

Life updates:

I’ve been super busy between work, school, and dancing…but in a (mostly) good way. Some things that have happened…

  • Attended Martini’s and Imax at Fernbank for the first time in ages — and it was a blast!
  • Hotjam last night was fantastic! I must have danced five times (or more?) with Peter, and another 3 or 4 times with Terrace, and then more than I can count with people I didn’t even know. I wish I could captivate in words the movement of one of the beginning dancers I danced with…we’ll go with “wiggles,” but the simplicity of that move does not capture the appearance of extra joins in this man’s body.
  • One paper down, one to go in my classes. Actually, that’s my next goal for tonight.

And a really important one:

  • Had a good conversation with Jared, which seems to have resolved a great amount of awkward tension between us…honestly, this was a huge relief. I have a lot to process, but I’m considerably more…I don’t know. Relieved? Relaxed? Happy? I just feel better in general. Also, I had a fantastic dance with him — and that was just added all the more greatness to my night at Hotjam.

Blog updates:

I think I’ve finally figured out Summary v. Excerpt, making my posts appear as I would prefer both on the website and in Google Reader. My next project for the blog is to find a picture I truly like which expresses my view of this blog (my movement, and the way the world moves me). With that may come a revision of the blog’s layout…but that’s on down the line.


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