real drinks: or, why water sucks

For the past week, I have drank nothing but water. Let me tell you, it was a real challenge. But I’ve finished, and I feel accomplished, and thus the challenge was a success.

Cons (first, because they are more prominent in my mind at the moment):

1. Water has no flavor.

2. If water does have flavor, it’s usually because it’s from a tap, and that just tastes gross.

3. Water is expensive if you buy it, but annoying to cart around.

4. It’s easy to lose a water bottle. Very, very easy. (My count for the week: 3. Thankfully all found again. Improvement from two weeks ago, but still annoying).

5. I love real drinks. How orange juice wakes me up a little. Milk is like a comfort drink, great with my mac and cheese. Coke is (like?) an addiction. Vitamin water is sweet and fills both my desire to be healthier and my desire for a little sugar…I love real drinks.


1. Water is healthy. That was kind of nice.

2. Water is cheap (if from a fountain). That’s kind of nice, too.

3. I have a pretty water bottle.


I’m glad I know I can do this — because a few weeks ago, I would have quit on day three. This means I can make good decisions, like drinking only water at dance events (where it’s easy to get dehydrated), or purging my body when I feel a little icky (because I only feel icky now from being sick — I was feeling pretty good & relatively energized yesterday). I’m pretty surprised that I was able to make it through classes, actually — I thought it would be harder to stay awake without caffeine, but it wasn’t bad at all.

To amp this up in the future, I’m going to try to drink my full recommended quantity of water every day (64 ounces, right?). I probably averaged 2.5 bottles of water a day this past week, but I’m not sure if my water bottle is 16 or 24 ounces. That challenge wouldn’t limit my other drinks, though — just require 64 ounces of water as well. But that will be a ways from now, I think.

I’m not sure what my challenge for next week will be…but it’s gonna be relaxed. Mom suggested moisturizing every day, which I think is a good challenge. But more on that in my next post (tomorrow?).

Rating: 10/10. Because I succeeded. Even if it sucked.


In other news, I think I’m getting sick. Isn’t water supposed to help avoid being sick? Ah, well…hopefully I can keep the icky-ness at bay.


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