Remember how I thought I was getting sick? It turned out to be a bit more than that.

Monday: Hmm. I think, I might be sick. But I went dancing at Hotjam anyway. Yay, dancing!

Tuesday: It hurt to swallow. It was kind of sucky. But I took a lot of advil.

Wednesday: Hmm. This was really starting to suck. I couldn’t eat anything. I decided to go to the doctor the next day. I pretty much stopped eating because it hurt to swallow.

Thursday: Doctor’s office for 4.5 hours. Well, mostly the waiting room. But I got pain meds & antibiotics, so I figured I would be healed soon, right? And I could finally eat a little! (half a bowl of mac&cheese)

Friday: I got really nauseous when I took the pain pills (threw up in a parking lot), which sucked…so I switched back to Advil, scarfed down some more mac&cheese (half a bowl, again), and went to AVS to fill my volunteer shifts. Even if I didn’t dance much, I needed to be reimbursed. But I had some fantastic dances with Jered & Jon Car! And I competed in the Adv J&J. I thought I was healing! (Didn’t make finals, for the record…frustrating! Maybe more on that another time.)

Today @ 4am: I woke up in serious pain. Took some of the pain pills & decided I would wake Heather up in the morning to go to the Doc’s.

Today @10am: Went to the ER. Spent approximately 3 hours there total, but everyone was super nice and awesome. But…I was stuck in the back of a throat with a needle six times. SIX. I am terribly afraid of needles. Terribly. Mortifyingly. Afraid. Seizing up and crying every single time kind of terrified. Sobbing.

But…the doctors and nurses were patient, and nice, despite the fact that I yelled at EVERY SINGLE doctor because they ALL felt the need to HUG me…(remember those personal space issues I talked about a while back? It’s worse when I’m sick / upset / scared. And they drew about an inch and half of yellow, gross puss out of my throat. Ew.)

BUT I WAS PRONOUNCED HEALING. Still on antibiotics, but no longer in serious pain.

Today @2pm: Saw my mom AND MY LITTLE BROTHER! I miss that kid so much. They picked me up at the ER and I ate STEAK. (I had eaten about a bowl of mac and cheese TOTAL in 48 hours — I was hungry!) I could swallow with both sides of my throat and it didn’t hurt, so I was excited. And I had STEAK. Mmmh mmmh, good.

Now: I’m trying to convince myself not to go to the GALA tonight for AJDPS. I mean, I really, really, really want to go. And I’ve paid for the ticket, and I won’t even be getting reimbursed for that ticket, so I may as well use it, right? But I know if I go, I’ll stay to dance. It’s all fancy and formal and awesome, and I love dancing all dressed up! And, I feel better…so I can go, right? Except, I know I shouldn’t. Really, really shouldn’t. So…I’m going to stay here, and bite my fingernails…and think about how much I really, really wish I was getting some high-class, fantastic swingouts….

But oh well. Sometimes you have to put health first. Like, when you’re in the ER (we can’t all be Angelo, at Hotjam only hours after having an appendectomy!). Especially since I will theoretically be performing at KLX next week. So, I’m trying to heal. Trying to be patient. But I might still go dancing tomorrow, if I feel up to it…

Much love!


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