Due to my being in the ER and all, I had to put off the next challenge. But! To regroup. The next challenge will be to moisturize properly every day (as suggested by my mother!).

So to start the challenge, I went to CVS (with a coupon!) and bought some basic moisturizer. But I was confronted with this* (sorry for the poor picture quality!):

And that was only a small portion of the selection! So, I was overwhelmed with choices. I knew I had an oil-free moisturizer, which I bought a while back when I had super bad acne…but I’m not quite sure about it, because I’ve heard that oil-free moisturizer is more about what season it is than anything else. And then, over the summer, a family member mentioned how much she loves tinted moisturizer for its ability to even out skin tone on a basic day where you’re not really dressing up. And then, I know I have somewhat sensitive skin, so should I buy that bottle with the little pink “sensitive skin” label?

In the end, I got some Neutrogena Tinted Moisturizer. I respect Neutrogena as a relatively healthy brand of face & skin products, and I liked the idea of a basic, daily cover-up.

But regardless of making a decision, I walked away with some questions.

1. Do I moisturize in the morning or at night? I would guess at night, but there are a lot of tinted moisturizers, which would suggest morning application in that why else would you need the tinting?

2. In that vein, should I try a tinted moisturizer in the morning and then a plain moisturizer at night? Or should I go for one or the other? Would moisturizing too much make my sensitive skin break out, or would it help as long as I regularly cleaned my face like a good little girl?

3. What kind of moisturizer should I use? In winter? In summer? For my skin type (combination, sensitive)? Do I use oil-free moisturizer? Is oil-free moisturizer a seasonal thing?

I’m going to try to look some of this up online, but I’d love some help because my searches thus far have been very unproductive.

Start date: Today! 12 October 2010
End date: 18 October 2010

Challenges I have to overcome: remembering every morning is tough for me, but I’m going to use the tinted moisturizer every morning. Also, I want to know more about this, so I really need to research moisturizers…even if I don’t implement that knowledge now, it’d be useful to know.


*For the record, it’s a very clever display, because the name brands are all on the second shelf (from the top), and then above each name brand sits a similar CVS brand (for cheaper, of course) — but instead of having an identifying CVS brand packaging, CVS packages the similar brand in the same color scheme and in a similarly shaped box. Thus, those who don’t pay attention might walk away with the CVS brand even when intending otherwise! Very clever, CVS. Very clever…


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