challenge: moisturizer (a product review)

The Setup

I have always had red-faced syndrome. Always. My entire life. And there are some pretty typical questions that go along with it:

I even have makeup on -- my face is just perpetually red!

  • “Are you sunburned?”
  • “Why are you so embarrassed?”
  • “Are you sick?”
  • And, most directly to the point, “Why is your face so red?”

I’ve been self-conscious about my red face as long as I remember — there was a particularly humiliating moment in seventh grade when I liked a boy, and I was able to blame my blushing on my red face…but that’s about its only saving grace.

When I was a sophomore at Emory, I decided to go to the doctor and see what I could do about it…but her only solution was to put me on some sort of daily antibiotic, which may or may not have fixed the problem unless I kept refilling the prescription. But honestly, I’m not so self-conscious that I would take a pill every single day just because I don’t like how my nose turns red for no apparent reason.

But…of all the things I thought moisturizer would fix? My red face was not one of them.

Now granted, I was just on a heavy dose of antibiotics for my throat thing. But! I have been off those antibiotics for a few days now, and the redness has not returned. Oh, it’s still there a little — but not nearly as badly as it has been in the past. In fact, my face has looked almost normal!

Now, I am not necessarily hopeful that this will last. The antibiotics have definitely skewed the clarity of the results. But I have noticed some other benefits of moisturizing daily which, in reality, should be pretty commonsensical:

  • My face hasn’t been drying out as badly
  • My skin feels nicer in the mornings
  • I think my skin tone is evener? I can’t tell definitely, but I think the tinting honestly helps.

The Product Review

In case you’re wondering this is what I’m using: Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer with a Light Tint and SPF 30.

It’s a relatively lightweight moisturizer, though it’s just slightly heavier than the oil-free moisturizer I used a lot last year (I still had some around, so I compared them).

I honestly love the tinting. I don’t think it actually covers up any blemishes, but it does even out a little bit of the blotchiness in the morning.

Also, I’ve always heard that it’s good to have sunscreen in your moisturizer, and considering how easily I burn, I like that this SPF is a little higher than some of the others (which are often at SPF 15). I mean, I know the sunscreen doesn’t hold its strength the entire day, but I think it helped the other morning when I was unexpectedly playing Ultimate Frisbee outside with my PE class for an hour — because man, I burn so easily, and I was not burned at all after class.

The Challenge Itself

This was definitely a good challenge to go through. Now some of the more technical details. First off, I did miss a day when I went to KLX over the weekend — it was just so much chaos! And I hadn’t had any sleep, and I was going to be late to my volunteer shift…it was halfway through the day before I remembered. Other than that, no mishaps!

This is even without makeup! Just a hint of redness...

I did post a little late, of course, since I was so busy at the beginning of this week — what with the Flying Biscuits performance at KLX and the Dalai Lama program at Emory. And I thought that would give me time to research more about the moisturizer, but when I tried doing the Olay Recommendation online, the sound wouldn’t work. So, I don’t have any additional information (at this moment! I’m still going to try…).

Personal success rating: 8/10. I missed a day, and I failed to return with more information.

Conclusion: Out of this experience, I hope to gain the habit of daily moisturizing, at the very least every morning. Imean, that’s just a strength of will thing to build the habit — but once I’m in the habit, it will be easy. On top of that, I honestly hope to gain just a little more self-confidence. Because as much as I accept that my face is naturally red and will probably always bee that way, it would be nice if the redness were reduced…just a little. I wouldn’t mind having more days like the one to the right…


One thought on “challenge: moisturizer (a product review)

  1. Wow Cari, that’s really awesome! I agree that it is probably actually working– when I remember to moisturize the redness/small bumps on my cheeks goes away. :)

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