clean: fail. moving on (for now).

What do I have to say for myself, you ask?

I say that my car was in the shop again. And a paper was due. And I was writing letters (well, one letter).

I did manage to clean my room, my car (again), and my purse (which, let’s be honest, was only a half-assed attempt). So, since I have now failed at this challenge twice, I think I will move on to a new challenge and revisit this at another time.

The challenge for this week is to write (and mail) a letter every day. The challenging part about this challenge is gathering enough mailing addresses…and buying envelopes/stamps. As such, I will be gathering addresses and buying envelopes today, and I will start the challenge on Monday.

My current list of people to write to are:


Which leaves two more addresses to find. If you want to be in the pot, email me your address at In the meantime, I’ll be emailing some friends and getting their addresses. And if you leave me your address, I promise I’ll get around to writing you, even if it isn’t this week!

I feel obligated to mention that this challenge was suggested by both Alex and Lang. I also feel obligated to mention that this challenge is made possible by Andy, who writes letters on vellum and in calligraphy. I have no aspirations to be as truly unique and anachronistic as Andy…but letters are still pretty cool and out-dated in and of themselves, so this should be interesting.

And for the record. Just because it’s a “challenge” for me doesn’t mean I don’t want a response! Write me back!!!

Start date: Monday, 15 November 2010.
End date: Sunday, 21 November 2010.


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