tis the season!

As I grow up, the memories I have easy access to become fewer and more vague — dulled by the lens of time, memories become more impressions and feelings than clear images or an ability to recount a sequence of events. However, I clearly remember, when I was younger, when my parents would fill out Christmas cards. They’d sit in the TV room and write card after card, piling up a stack of addressed envelopes. Now, my parents tend to send fewer cards, but the idea is the same — send a card to someone you love or are thinking of, just because it’s that time of the year.

And I have to admit, it’s one of my favorite decorations in our house! Every Christmas, mom takes a bit of twine and strings it along the walls of our living room, and she hangs all the cards we receive on the twine. The effect is beautiful! All these different cards — different shapes, sizes, colors, styles — some with glitter, some with beautiful artwork, some pictures of families — strung around our living room to add to the Christmas Cheer.

In the past, I’ve exchanged one or two Christmas Cards with friends, but I never really thought I would have enough addresses to create the small stacks of envelopes that my parents made when I was younger — but this year, with the act of updating my address book from the letter challenge, I had enough addresses to send out a hefty little stack of cards!

It was an incredibly fulfilling little task which put me in the mood for the Holiday season, and it was easy to accomplish by writing 5 – 10 cards each night. I ended up mailing cards to almost my entire address book, since I only have about 40. I plan on updating and filling up the address book, but I’m not sure I’d mail cards to too many more people — most of the people I sent a card were dance friends who I see regularly, and I just wanted to send a bit of love.

Anyways, a few of you should keep an eye out for a bit of love in your mailbox! Happy Holidays!


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