the mapping project of doom

No shit. Of doom.

This project was started about mid to early September. We were to gather information about a project of our choice and create an informative map using GIS — really fun, and relatively straightforward. I chose a project having to do with sustainability initiatives in Newton County — I mapped organic and non-organic farms, and then I mapped farms which had the potential to be used in mixed-use development, which is a more sustainable community development practice.

The project was due December 10th. On December 9th, finally having obtained all the relevant information (you have no idea how hard it is to get a list of non-organic farms), I had compiled the relevant information and created two beautiful little maps.

I left my flash drive behind, and it was either lost or stolen. I received an extension until Tuesday the 14th — “Good Luck,” Dr. Page said.

So I worked my ass off. I was volunteering for a huge event on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but I skipped some things and went to the library to put in the time necessary. At some point, I mostly finished the maps and started writing the 8 – 10 page paper that was associated with the project. On Tuesday, I spend 2 hours writing the paper in the morning, then 3 hours writing the paper and analyzing how I could make the map better. At 2pm, I was almost finished — in fact, I was just writing the reference section. I copied and pasted a url, and stretched with my foot and the foot pushed against the computer…

…And somehow, the word document became corrupted. The last two lines of the document changed entirely into Japanese characters and random symbols. I immediately hit undo to fix it — and the rest of the document changed into Japanese symbols, bottom to top, right before my eyes.

Worst. Moment. Ever.

I walked down to the professor and told him what happened. He had a whole lot of sympathy, but I still had to turn the project in, end of story. I actually asked what would happen if I just didn’t turn the paper in — and though I wouldn’t fail, he said, he sincerely disapproved. And I have more respect for myself than that, honestly.

I received another extension: I had 24 hours to write the paper.

For the next three hours, I did nothing on my paper. I was at work in the Music and Media Library, and though we weren’t busy, I was so upset that I couldn’t even bring myself to open a word document. Then my schedule went like this:

Music and Media Library Work: 2:30 – 5pm
Banana Republic Job Training: 6pm – 10pm
Banana Republic First Day of Work: 8am – 10am, to learn the cash registers
Music and Media Last Day Ever: 12pm – 6pm
Banana Republic First Day of Work, Ctd: 7pm – 10pm

As you can see, I had very little time to work on my essay. But I refused to lose any more sleep over the essay, so when I was home from job training, I just went to sleep. The next day, I spent my time in the Music and Media, on my last day of work as a student, writing my paper. It took about 5 hours, and I saved it on a minimum of 3 different computers spread across the library.

Of course, when I went to turn it in, ECIT (where Dr. Page’s office is) had just closed for the day — it was 5:03, and holiday hours had just started, so they were no longer open until 7pm. I talked to a friend who works in the Library, and she agreed to turn in my paper for me this morning. And now, I’m done.

So pardon my French, but: fuck that project. It is over. And I will never have to look at it again.


So if you’re curious what happened to my plans to bake food for my fellow employees as a thank you, it clearly hasn’t happened yet. But it’s still in the works — in fact, I plan on going supply shopping this afternoon with my roommate!


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