happy holidays!

One of the best things about my family is how much I enjoy going home just to hang out with them. Which was pretty much why I looked forward to Christmas so much.

It wasn’t the most eventful Christmas, as far as my family goes — but then again, we always have a pretty laid back family gathering. We watch a bunch of movies, and we eat a lot of food, and we laugh a lot. That last bit being my favorite part. The most hilarious gift this year, in fact, was a coffee mug with a thermometer which could be plugged into the car to reheat your coffee…and man, did we laugh over that.

I finally gave my mom the hugely long project I’ve been working on. There will be pictures of it as soon as I’m actually finished (there’s just some finishing work to be done, but it’s getting close!). During the process of making it, I actually took a lot of progressive pictures of my work…but sadly, they were all lost with my phone. :( I might have some in the recesses of my email, but only a couple, and that’s really honestly sad. Probably the saddest thing about losing my phone, in fact.

In other news, though, I HAVE A NEW PHONE. Finally. I was getting frustrated with not talking to my parents!

The next couple of posts will be about challenges I accidentally (?) completed over the last couple weeks.


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