professional: face

One of the biggest differences between a professional and an unprofessional look, that I’ve noticed, is make up and hair. It doesn’t have to be fancy or bold — but those people who daily perform a bit of maintenance and touching-up on the face always seem, at the very least, a bit more pulled together. As such, a personal challenge was to take the extra time in the morning to tend to my face and hair and figure out how long and how challenging it would be to do so on a daily basis.

Daily Morning Preparations

I love sleep. Which makes it all the more challenging to get up an extra ten minutes early to do make up, and another ten minutes to do my hair. Because really, I could just roll out of bed and get that extra twenty minutes if I don’t mind looking a little red in the face with some bed-head.


This was an easy fix, honestly: I just chopped it all off. No shit. As a present to myself for graduating, I went to DASS hair salon and got a hair cut from a little Asian woman with broken English. My hair is now super short, and super easy to style. I just wash it in the morning, then towel it off, and pull the fronts of my hair forward so they all vaguely fall in the same line. It ends up looking like a 20s bob if I do it right. Sometimes, if I’m feeling particularly energetic, I blow dry it forward, which takes a grand total of about 2 minutes. It’s fantastic, and it looks great, and it’s super easy.

Make up

For about a year now, I have been trying to “figure out” make up. It stems from dancing, where everyone always looks so fantastic, and I wanted to join the club. So I started working on it. However, I really only knew how to do make up for a night of dancing — no foundation or anything, because it’d all sweat off in seconds anyways; dark lipstick for those nights of dancing in my sexy pencil skirts; lots of mascara. Et cetera.

Working at BR, though, I’ve had to figure out some more “professional” make up. And here’s what I’ve learned, with the most important one at the top!

  • the best all-day foundation combination (for me) is tinted moisturizer as a base layer, with a dusting of bare essentials over top. It completely eliminates all redness and blotchiness, giving my face an even and natural look which I’ve never been able to achieve before. Better yet, it lasts all day! (Unless my nose is runny, at which point my nose will turn red by lunch time.)
  • lighter-colored lipsticks are awesome. Especially the pinks, which are just bright and happy. Find a shade which works for you!
  • mascara should be lighter, but still be present, because it makes my eyes so large…
  • eye shadow color does not need to coordinate with what I’m wearing.

And if you want to sleep in, these are the basic things you need every day for a vaguely professional look (that I’ve figured so far):

  • foundation of some sort (to manage the blotchy, “I just got up” look)
  • eye liner
  • mascara
  • chapstick (gives a glossy look to your lips without having to put on lipstick).

I mean, that last bit doesn’t look completely professional. But it doesn’t look like I just got out of bed.


Start Date: 17 December 2010
End Date: 23 December 2010

Personal Success Rating: 8/10. I rocked this challenge. BUT, like the last challenge, I should have realized what I was doing and done it intentionally, and I wish I’d had pictures.


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