Goals: 2011

This has become a bit of a tradition with some of my friends — I just decided to get a jumpstart on it this year, rather than wait until the end of the month!!!

Personal Goals

1. Start and complete 40 Seven-Day-Challenges for general self-improvement.
2. Write more — stories rather than essays or blogposts, and because I love it.
3. Stay in shape — start running regularly?!?!
4. Take more photos. I really don’t take enough. Even if I just use my phone…I should be taking them!
5. Cook more meals. Start getting away from Mac&Cheese. Bake when free time (and money) is abundant.
6. Read more than I did in 2010 (at least 18 books).

Practices to help achieve these goals: keep up with blog for 40 day challenges. Use seven-day challenges to jump start a lack of coke whenever I find myself straying. Use Seven-Day-Challenges whenever possible to jumpstart good practices, and then work at keeping up with them.

Financial Goals

1. Credit cards: Pay off my BRC and reduce the amount on my MC balance by 50%.
2. Car and student loans: stay on top of them. Consolidate student loans by the end of January.
3. Alternate paying off additional premium between student loans and car loan.
4. Reduce personal spending by taking my lunch, eliminating coke from my diet, and reducing random expenses.

Practices to help achieve these goals: at the beginning of each month, create a budget using mint.com (or spreadsheet?) and stay on top of it by checking my budget each week. Keep my weekly budget for food / coke / snacks in cash. Find a full-time job, and work part time and  temp work when possible. Always pay my bills on the 1st of the month, or which ever day of the weekend is closest if necessary (BUT ALWAYS BEFORE THE 4TH).

Career Goals

1. Explore career options — environmental science, architecture, masters of library sciences, editor…?
2. Apply to publishers as a part-time editor (working from home — just checking grammar, etc.) — good temp work!

Practices to help achieve these goals: use networking to research career options — talk to friends, like Dan Centafonti, various librarians, etc. to learn about job pros and cons.

Dance Goals

1. Write about dancing once a month to learn to articulate my thoughts on movement.
2. Work on solo movement — preferably by finding weekly or daily personal time to dance.
3. More competitions! Look at Cumberland Shuffle, AVS, and any other regional comps possible.
4. Learn to articulate my thoughts on dancing at least once a month. Review videos, talk about personal movement, discuss a relevant hot topic, review an event…

Practices to help achieve these goals: use my resources, such as Michelle, Terrace, Lindsay, and Morgan. Research one local competition for each season and participate. Use the blog to articulate my thoughts on dancing — at least once a month. Try a seven day challenge?


2 thoughts on “Goals: 2011

  1. I posted finance stuff on your facebook already, but here’s what I’ll say: if you do a 7-day dance thoughts challenge, I promise to comment on them (and I bet others will, too). That way you’ll get some feedback and be able to reply to OUR comments, too! Back-and-forth is probably the best way to really establish your thoughts on just about anything. That was the whole point of the Socratic method. :)

  2. Tonia — you make me feel special. :) I think the dance challenge will be coming soon, as I’m not quite sure which challenge to start next. Thanks. <3

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