christmas ornaments

I know what you’re thinking. Christmas was so last week, right? Well, my mom just emailed me some beautiful pictures of the ornaments that hung on our tree this year, and I had to share.

You see, this is kind of a big deal for my family. Every single year, my aunt gives my brother and I the same Christmas present: an ornament. They’re generally hand crafted, and always beautiful. We’ve gotten so many over the years that, this year, mom only used these ornaments to decorate the Charlie-Brown-esque-tree.

Without fail, the ornaments we receive are probably one of my most anticipated gifts — because even though it’s always technically the same, it’s also always different and unique and beautiful. My brother and I have already agreed to start this tradition ourselves with respective nieces and nephews, and I honestly look forward to it.

I’m including both my and my brother’s ornaments, so you’ll have to pay attention to tell the difference.

Also, this isn’t all the ornaments; mine from this year, for example, is not included (an overweight goose attempting to squeeze into an undersized tutu — adorable!). However, it gives you a good idea of the delicate and beautiful nature of these little gifts!

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