cleaning attempt #3: determined to succeed

Last year, I attempted twice to complete a challenge where I cleaned a single space — large or small — every day for a week. And I failed. Twice. Mostly, it was due to life interceding: I was going through some especially challenging issues with my car, for example (about $1000 worth of issues over two weeks, in fact). And even though life was particularly challenging, and I do not feel guilty about failing to complete the challenge…well, it still bothers me. So, to kick off the new year, I will be taking out my old baggage. And if my car starts to act up again, I will consider this challenge cursed.

To start the challenge, I cleaned the kitchen. Washed all the dishes (my roommates will tell you how annoying I find dirty dishes regardless, so those never stay in the sink for long), cleaned off the stove and counter tops, arranged my share of food so it is vaguely more accessible, and swept the floor. That last one was a doosie, and will make a real difference in the next few days which I’m really excited about.

Tomorrow, I’m not sure what I’ll be working on (maybe the space I’m using to hang out in right now? I’m starting to spread out), but I will definitely be attacking my room on Friday.At some point, the living room will be cleaned, and hopefully my car. The bathroom was recently cleaned by Shelby, so I might hold off on that for now.

Also on Friday, I will be working on the “additional challenge” of consolidating my loans — wish me luck, as I’ve had some issues with that already. And then, I’m also going to call the plumber on Friday, because it is absurd how long our sink takes to drain (the record so far is 36 hours). The problem comes from before we moved in, but has gotten significantly worse this winter.

Back to the challenge!

Start Date: 5 December 2010
End Date: 11 December 2010

Challenges: not having my car break down.


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