work success

Three guesses who this week’s current top performer is!

Since I started at Banana Republic (December 15), I have been trying really hard to be the epitome of fantastic, with the end goal of being hired on after my seasonal work has ended. And though I might not be the epitome of fantastic…I’ve come pretty close!

Today, I was informed that I met my sales goal for the week yesterday, before the week was even half over. I was then informed that for the month of December, I was one of the TOP FIVE performers (out of more than 40 employees) to obtain BRCs (the Banana Republic Credit Card). This is a pretty big deal in the store, as BRCs indicate brand loyalty, yadda yadda — but an even bigger goal because I was only hired on the 15th of December, and I still outperformed the majority of year-round workers.

Additionally, I am always ready to stay a little later to help out if the store is busy, or to come in if an employee is sick and they really need the help. I was a quick learner, and am already familiar with everything from cashiering to sales to managing the fitting rooms. And I smile a lot. My managers love me, and I’m really proud of the work I’ve done there.

In short, I rock.

With any luck, I will make this a year-round seasonal job. Which means my wardrobe will get a slow (keeping my budget in mind), yet amazingly high-quality makeover which I am super excited about. Right now, I have my eye on some super-cute but super-professional oxfords — I only have one oxford in my possession, and while it is nice, it is a very boring white. And I really love the spring patterns, colors, and ultra-feminine details!


In other news, I will also be starting some temp work with the Music & Media Circulation Desk (I told you they love me!). Not only does this get me extra hours, but it puts me on the temp list for the entire library, which means I can pick up work in ILL, Circulation, or any other department which might need help. So while my temp work in the M&M Library only currently lasts until the end of January, I could potentially pick up work occasionally throughout the semester!

Today was just a really satisfying day.


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