the big apple jam fam

It’s stupid and cheesy, but also vaguely true: whenever I do the big apple with a big group of people, I feel like we’re part of a family (thus, the “fam” abbreviation).

Last night, Bobby White was at Hotjam as part of the Dancer in Residence program recently started by Down South Swing — and he got the week off to a great start! A great, easy, and informative lesson on the Tranky Doo, two great performances (one bal, one solo charleston), some fantastic social dancing, and a lot of enthusiastic dance-knowledge-trading at the end of hotjam. It was all high-energy, and all very exciting.

The best part for me, though, was the Big Apple. It was the biggest Big Apple we’ve done in a while, with almost 20 people participating. Lindsay played “Shout and Feel It”…and I honestly have not been that tired after a single song in a long time. There was a lot of smiling and laughing and yelling, and a lot of flailing and running into each other as we realized we probably should have formed the bridge down the long part of the building instead of the short.

At the end there was a lot of clapping and hugging, and a lot of awe-struck faces as the new dancers who had never even heard of the Big Apple clambered to know what the whole performance was about.

This is exactly why I want to cover the Big Apple in the dance practica. Because I love performing it with a large group, where we’re all having fun and yelling and smiling. It’s like we’re this huge family of people with a common joy. And it’s so much more fun when everyone gets to participate.


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