challenge difficulty: making up for laziness

All right. I have a confession. I’ve been lazy with my challenges.

This past one? Wash my face every day? About six months ago, that would have been a good one, because I washed it maybe every other day, but was bad about doing it every day. Working at BR the last month, though, I’ve been practically required to wear makeup, and thus pretty active about keeping up with washing my face. Thus, this “challenge” wasn’t exactly…challenging.

Thus, my rating: 7/10, because though I finished everything with flying colors, I didn’t really have to put any effort in.

To kick myself, I am starting a new (and considerably more challenging) challenge as of yesterday: ab workouts, every day.

To show my determination, yesterday I went to Erica’s new Ab Workout class at 8:30 am. Let me tell you: ouch. Not only for my abs, but also because that is early for me. Really, really early, especially if I don’t have to be at work until Noon…

But that’s the price you pay! And it was totally worth it.

Tonight I’m going to do some good ol-fashioned crunches, planks, and push-ups, and maybe integrate some of the exercises I learned yesterday morning. The goal is a minimum of half an hour. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Start date: 31 January 2010
End date: 6 February 2010


2 thoughts on “challenge difficulty: making up for laziness

  1. Ab-workout is the one that’s hard for me to keep up with because it’s so freaking boring. Pushups/pullups/squats, EASY. Abs? Ugh. I think I’ll take a page out of your book though and get back to forcing it to happen.

    • Erica had some actually vaguely interesting ab exercises that were really challenging. Even better, a couple of them worked a whole bunch of other muscles (one involving a plank, which worked a lot of back / shoulder / arm and also worked on balance; another involving a lot of let movement / control). For the most part, though, I agree. Abs = Ugh.

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