good news / bad news

Bad news:

  • I have failed my one-week challenge this week. I only exercised 4 days this week. Thus, I will repeat the challenge this upcoming week.

Good news:

  • I get more money on my tax refund than was taken out of my income for federal taxes. Yeah, I’m confused, too.
  • I’m almost done with consolidating my loans (filing my taxes is one of the last steps). Since this is one of my “additional” challenges, I don’t quite feel like I’ve failed this week. In fact, I feel quite successful in the “responsible with my money” department.
  • A a book review is imminent.

That’s about it. Look forward to the review!


One thought on “good news / bad news

  1. re: tax return.

    Same here. It was another stimulus year, which my accountant mother couldn’t easily explain to me. Basically, they took less money out of our paychecks because we’re poor, BUT are treating it like they DID take that money, so we’re still getting it back. WTF. I don’t know about you, but I also qualify for the earned income tax credit this year, so I’m getting approximately three times as much as I paid in back. It makes zero sense.

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