to read more

New Challenge: to read more.

When I was little, I was like any child — I had a bed time, and it didn’t matter if I was a single day older: I still had to be in bed when Mom and Dad said.

But unlike other children, once I was in bed, the light could stay on as long as I liked. The rule was that if I was reading, I could stay up as late as I wanted. Of course, this rule backfired a few times — I remember more than once staying up until two or three in the morning because I’d just gotten the next book in the Song of the Lioness quartet earlier that day and I just HAD to finish it THAT NIGHT. And we won’t even get into the time mom warned me not to finish Whalesong, resulting in me crying and crying and crying because I just needed the story to keep going (it did).

One of my favorite things that’s resulted from this is the book reading challenge I have with my father. Since I was eleven, I’ve written down every single book I’ve read as a result of this little contest — who can read the most in a year? (The answer: I am the Cheetah Speed Reader, and my dad is merely a One-Eyed Cripple Turtle.*) There are only a couple rules, putting a page minimum on what can be considered a book, and giving a slight advantage to those who manage to trudge through some historical non-fiction. And I must say, it’s one of the best things I share with my father, and it’s allowed me to really keep track of all the books I’ve loved (and hated) over the past eleven years.

You get the idea. I love reading. I have since I was a little child trying to figure out how to read Go Dog Go and since I was allowed to stay up well past my bed time because I had a book in my lap.

Then college happened. We all know what that means. I started reading less and less, whittling my list down to just over a book and a half a month. Pathetic. Even when I had time off, I still didn’t want to read. It was a combination of being out of the habit, the distraction of the internet, and generally not knowing what I wanted to read next.

Now, a couple months out of college and blessed with an hour-long break for lunch at least twice a week at BR, I’ve had more time to read. I mean, I’m not the type to sit on my phone for an hour and a half to text or surf the web, so I always bring a book, and I’ve been loving it. But when I’m not facing an hour long break at BR? Considerably less reading happens. The internet gets in the way most especially (even this blog! but I’ve done my reading for today, so no fear!).

So, after this long, drawn out post, made half of reminiscing and half of rambling (it is after all, very late), I give you the next challenge: read a minimum of half an hour every day, but at least five hours this week (that means an hour for at least three days). I don’t want to put a page requirement on it, because that affects how closely I read some more dense literature.

First day of the challenge will be tomorrow (well today, but after I wake up in the morning). I could fudge a little and tell you the challenge started to days ago when I started reading White Cat, but the only person I’d be cheating is myself. Hopefully, I’ll manage to finish The Power of One by Bryce Courtney this week!

Start date: 02 March 2011
End date: 08 March 2011

And just one more bit of information: I am researching good areas to run in the area (my neighborhood is just a little too hilly for me to start out on, so I am looking into nearby neighborhoods and parks). Thus, an imminent challenge on running will be coming up to prep for another challenge I will be completing this spring, which is to run a 5k (bacon throwing, chef-hat wearing, glitter-covered fairies at Warrior Dash, anyone?**).

Good night, dear readers. Not that any of you are likely to be awake. But still.

*Please understand that my family reads this blog, and thus I must insert that little family inside joke for propriety’s sake.

**Another one of those awesome inside jokes for friends who, for whatever reason, find my blog interesting enough to follow every once in a while.


3 thoughts on “to read more

  1. Yay! Things are still a little hectic here at Escapades Headquarters, but very shortly we will have oodles of recommendations for your consideration!

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