reading is hard, running is harder, so next week should be easy?

Well, more specifically: finding the time to read is hard. And managing what little time I have without becoming distracted is even harder.

My reading input this past week:

2 March 2011: 30 mins
3 March 2011: 30 mins
4 March 2011: 1 hour
5 March 2011: fail
6 March 2011: 45 mins
7 March 2011: 30 mins
8 March 2011: fail

Okay. Not so hot. But I did finish 3.25 / 5 hours. As such, I give myself a 6.5/10. In case any of you forgot, a 65 is failing when it comes to college. This is what signing up for Netflix does. I should probably cancel that membership. Just saying.

So here’s the deal. Once I get my work schedule (which I thought would have been a little while ago?), I will then have TWO goals for the next week:

1) Read half an hour (or more) every day. I will repeat this challenge until it is successfully completed. (Given it’s not cursed.)

2) Run 7 miles next week. This will (theoretically) be one mile a day every day. However, based on work schedules and dance events, I will allow myself to skip a day ONLY if I can make it up another day. Additionally, I hope to get 4 / 7 of those miles OUTSIDE. So please, pray for the rain to be light.

This challenge starts Saturday, as my day tomorrow is fairly booked. Saturday I will be running before work, as I work 4 – 11pm that day. However, I work  a lot of 10am – 6 or 8pm shifts next week, and I have a lot of “after-work” activities (dance practicas, a dance class, etc…). I’m worried about when / where / how I’ll fit all this running in…but I think I can make it. Especially if I do two miles on Saturday just in case I get…sidetracked…during the week.

Challenge Start Date: 12 March 2011
Challenge End Date: 18 March 2011

Wish me luck.


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