running updates

I know everyone here is super interested to see if I can manage this running challenge. At least, I’m super interested in it, so I’m going to give you a couple updates.

1) I found a fantastic android app for my phone called “Tracks.” It records the following:

  • A map of the area you just ran which can be uploaded to google maps
  • Distance run
  • Average speed
  • Fastest speed
  • Various additional statistics

I love it. Mostly because I was struggling to figure out how to find an outdoor location to run at which was approximately 1 mile and which could easily be doubled for a 2 mile run.

2) I found a beautiful park not even five minutes from my house in Avondale Estates. It isn’t very crowded, which is also a bonus, as I know the major Atlanta parks are easily flooded with runners, frisbee players, and various family activities which make me feel awkward. (I’m not very good at this running thing, and thus I would rather keep it relatively private.) Thanks to the new “Tracks” app, I found that this loop is almost exactly .5 miles, which makes it easy to run multiple times and get the desired number of miles.

Some “I LOVE BEING OUTSIDE” bonuses: it’s a BEAUTIFUL little park with a lake, a couple woody paths, and some great little wildlife — I saw two Red-Eared sliders chilling in the sun, some geese taking off, and best of all, I saw Mr. Mallard Duck escorting Mrs. Mallard Duck to a secluded luncheon.

And finally, it’s also in a really nice neighborhood, so I feel like I could run here at night without terrible fear of impending rape.

To see the two loops I ran (I recorded them separately), you can go here and here. I think the statistics are recorded in the summary. Thankfully, I was just able to change the way statistics are recoded to good ol’ miles and feet, so the next maps’ statistics will be considerably easier to follow.

Between the two loops, I ran just under a mile for a grand total of 9:13 mins, making for a 9:46 min mile. A serious drop from running an 8:30 mile at the end of last semester, but I haven’t been running in two months (shame on me), so I can accept it.

If I get out early enough from work, I’ll go for another run. While this is doubtful, I am hopeful…


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