trouble with challenges

The good news: I succeeded at reading 30 minutes every day last week! The bad news? I did not run enough. End of story.

So here’s the deal. I’m failing challenges. Not every single one, but almost one in two lately. And that’s not cool. How do I change this? I think there are two issues right now:

1) A lack of will-power / motivation, or some combination of those three. I have no system, whether motivated by self-determination or reward, which is holding me accountable for completing challenges.

2) Sometimes, I believe I set my goals a little high. My inability to complete some challenges is definitely based on a lack of follow-through at some points — take the first reading challenge, for example; I should have been able to complete that, and was mostly thwarted by Netflix.

But other challenges? That’s my inability to judge how much I can actually accomplish in a week.

Take the running challenge that I ran last week, concurrent with the reading challenge. I failed. I only ran 3.3 miles of the seven I had been aiming for. However, last week, I didn’t run at all. In fact, I haven’t run a single mile for 3 months — and before that, I only ran about 2 miles a week. Jumping up to 7 miles per week was a stretch, end of story.

As such, I am going to instigate at least one new practice in regards to my challenges: I will try to consider more manageable goals. Goals that still push me to be better, but which will not discourage me from future challenges if I fail to achieve success.

This week, I hope to run at least two miles, and will try to push myself to running three (BETH, I’M LOOKING AT YOU). Not as a challenge, but because I want to.

In the mean time, I will attempt to figure out how to create a sense of encouragement and personal accountability — a reward, a consequence, or maybe both? Let me know if you have any ideas.


Running: 5/10. I did not completely almost 4 miles I was aiming for, but I recognize that I was aiming a little beyond my current means. Also, I taught a class on the Big Apple and took another class on the same dance…and considering how much energy can be exerted in said choreography, I think I made up for at least a little of the exercise!

Reading: 9/10. While I read excess amounts last week (probably upwards of 10 hours), it was largely due in part to purchasing a couple books on my nook which hold my attention better than the one I was reading due to excessive use of plot and a certain lack of literary depth. Granted, the Hunger Games is fantastic, but it is more pleasure reading than “literature.” Seeing as I am making no progress in The Power of One while I finish out Collins’ trilogy, I almost feel as if I cheated. Not quite, but it still means I took a point off my otherwise perfect score.

A review for Catching Fire is imminent. As is a review of “The High Society Meetup,” which was possibly the most perfect workshop I’ve ever taken.


One thought on “trouble with challenges

  1. If you’re aiming for three miles, consider doing one and a half miles twice – the extra half mile doesn’t add that much time or energy to your run, and it does save you a trip out.

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