trouble with challenges

The good news: I succeeded at reading 30 minutes every day last week! The bad news? I did not run enough. End of story.

So here’s the deal. I’m failing challenges. Not every single one, but almost one in two lately. And that’s not cool. How do I change this? I think there are two issues right now:

1) A lack of will-power / motivation, or some combination of those three. I have no system, whether motivated by self-determination or reward, which is holding me accountable for completing challenges.

2) Sometimes, I believe I set my goals a little high. My inability to complete some challenges is definitely based on a lack of follow-through at some points — take the first reading challenge, for example; I should have been able to complete that, and was mostly thwarted by Netflix.

But other challenges? That’s my inability to judge how much I can actually accomplish in a week.

Take the running challenge that I ran last week, concurrent with the reading challenge. I failed. I only ran 3.3 miles of the seven I had been aiming for. However, last week, I didn’t run at all. In fact, I haven’t run a single mile for 3 months — and before that, I only ran about 2 miles a week. Jumping up to 7 miles per week was a stretch, end of story.

As such, I am going to instigate at least one new practice in regards to my challenges: I will try to consider more manageable goals. Goals that still push me to be better, but which will not discourage me from future challenges if I fail to achieve success.

This week, I hope to run at least two miles, and will try to push myself to running three (BETH, I’M LOOKING AT YOU). Not as a challenge, but because I want to.

In the mean time, I will attempt to figure out how to create a sense of encouragement and personal accountability — a reward, a consequence, or maybe both? Let me know if you have any ideas.


Running: 5/10. I did not completely almost 4 miles I was aiming for, but I recognize that I was aiming a little beyond my current means. Also, I taught a class on the Big Apple and took another class on the same dance…and considering how much energy can be exerted in said choreography, I think I made up for at least a little of the exercise!

Reading: 9/10. While I read excess amounts last week (probably upwards of 10 hours), it was largely due in part to purchasing a couple books on my nook which hold my attention better than the one I was reading due to excessive use of plot and a certain lack of literary depth. Granted, the Hunger Games is fantastic, but it is more pleasure reading than “literature.” Seeing as I am making no progress in The Power of One while I finish out Collins’ trilogy, I almost feel as if I cheated. Not quite, but it still means I took a point off my otherwise perfect score.

A review for Catching Fire is imminent. As is a review of “The High Society Meetup,” which was possibly the most perfect workshop I’ve ever taken.


1 thought on “trouble with challenges

  1. If you’re aiming for three miles, consider doing one and a half miles twice – the extra half mile doesn’t add that much time or energy to your run, and it does save you a trip out.

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