dance-a-thon challenge

A while back, I wasn’t sure I would be able to hold myself to dancing every single day for a week — at the very least, Tuesday through Thursday would be challenging. And while I could always solo dance to fill in those days, I really wanted to either social dance or work on my social dancing.

Then, I somehow managed to get 13 days of dancing in a row. It was incredible. And I didn’t even notice until half-way through!

17-Mar (Thursday): Practicing the Big Apple with Michelle (Considering how involved the community is with the Big Apple, I still consider it pseudo-social dancing)
18-Mar through 20-Mar (Friday through Sunday): High Society Meetup with Peter and Naomi
21-Mar (Monday): Hotjam
22-Mar (Tuesday): Cat’s Corner
23-Mar (Wednesday): Solo Dancing — I wasn’t able to go to the Graveyard, so I slacked off the social bit and practiced some jazz moves.
24-Mar (Thursday): Big Apple again
25-Mar through 27-Mar (Friday through Sunday): Cumberland Shuffle
28-Mar (Monday): Hotjam
29-Mar (Tuesday): Cat’s Corner


It’s was a fantastic nearly two weeks! So much dancing, and so inspired to work on my dancing more! And that marks this challenge complete! Rock on.

I’ve been super busy since Cumberland Shuffle with work — I started another temp job at the Library! — so it’s been a bit challenging to provide updates. However, there is a dance event review and a book review impending!


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