first challenges of april!

Two challenges on the bill:

1. Drink a pint of water in the morning before my feet even hit the ground. A friend mentioned this as a good way to start off your recommended daily water intake, as well as an easy and natural cleanse to stay healthy and potentially lose weight. Though I don’t necessarily need that last bit, I’m interested to see if it helps maintain a more consistent weight (assuming I will continue to drink this water well after this week’s challenge is up).

I tried drinking a glass of water before I got up this morning and only got halfway through with it. It’s hard! Didn’t make me feel sick…just odd.

2. Keep track of every dollar I spend for a week. Tough gig. I’ll figure out how to do it, though! Receipts…

3. Side Challenge (not included in the seven-day-challenges, but still worth mentioning): Run 3 miles this week. 1.25 miles down today!

START DATE: 5 April 2011
END DATE: 11 April 2011

More updates soon! Book reviews! Craft projects!


One thought on “first challenges of april!

  1. 16 oz is a lot of liquid to drink all at one time regardless of what the liquid is. Good luck with this one!

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