productivity monster!

Today has been one of those super-beyond-productive days (and still more to do!)

  • Worked 5 hours
  • Read 50 pages in Grave Surprise
  • Ran by Home Depot for tape and paint brushes
  • Taped Shelby’s room in preparation for KILZ
  • Started laundry (1/2 way through!)
  • Ran 2.3 miles (25:35 minutes, making for a very slow 11.1 min/mi — but it’s the most I’ve run in one go!)

Still to do:

  • Finish laundry (the drier just stopped!)
  • Pack at least two boxes of personal belongings for moving at the end of the month
  • Emory Tango
  • Hot Jam
  • More reading

Part of the slowness for my running was due to debilitating stomach cramps — I’m sure I could have run under a 10 minute mile if I hadn’t had to walk every .5 or .75 miles. Beth, Breanna, Savs, and anyone else who knows even a little about running — any advice? I’m not sure what I should eat / drink / do before running to reduce the likelihood of cramping.

Anyways, I’m super-proud of my awesome productivity. <3 Now to put on a bit of music, work on my Laundry, and pack some boxes!


2 thoughts on “productivity monster!

  1. Dude, the last 2.3ish I did was right around 24 minutes (4/1 or 5/1 intervals), you are kicking ass! I need to step up my interval distances for more running and less walking if I’m going to keep up with you :)

    As far as eating/drinking–
    -Make sure you’re hydrated, but don’t fill your stomach full of water. This means you have to drink water throughout the day instead of downing a 16oz bottle before you run.

    -I prefer to run on an empty stomach, so I don’t eat anything for at least 2 hours before I run. Kind of like yoga. As a minimum, you probably don’t want to eat anything heavy within 30min-1hr before you run. So, no entire pizzas, piles of tacos, whatever. Protein and carbs are good for you, so maybe a slice of pizza an hour before your run would work out well.

    -General rule is no dairy or otherwise-stomach-upsetting food or drink before your run. If you’re not sensitive to dairy (me), cheese can be okay, but milk beforehand is basically a no-no.

    -Chocolate milk is a recommended post-run snack because of the protein (milk) it contains as well as the carbs (chocolate). Worth a try.

    -There’s something about potassium/salt levels in your body with regards to muscle cramps. I think it’s that low potassium levels can cause cramps, which is why bananas are recommended as a snacky/pre-run food. It’s either that, or the exact opposite, so it’d be worth looking up.

    Yay Cari!

  2. In addition to staying hydrated, make sure you’re breathing from your diaphragm (your stomach should be visibly expanding and releasing) rather than your chest – it’s more efficient and keeps your blood oxygen levels higher, which means you’re less likely to cramp up.

    There are a couple of things you can do to increase your speed/mile – one is run faster while you’re running. I typically do intervals (anywhere from 2 min run / 1 min walk to 10 min run / 1 min walk), and the shorter my run segment, the faster I tend to take it.

    As dancers, we’re used to moving for three or four minutes at a time then slowing down or stopping – I’d focus more on the amount of time you can move continuously than the distance, at least initially. Aim for five, then ten, then fifteen minutes of straight running, even if it averages out to a 12 minute or slower mile – once you can do that then worry about speeding up.

    Consider adding Gatorade to your immediate post-run habit – I feel so much better if I down 4-6 oz of Gatorade after running – it definitely helps replenish electrolytes lost from sweating which aids recovery time which in turn will make it easier the next time. (You don’t need to drink an entire bottle unless you’re really ramping up your time or distance)

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