april challenges: bring may flowers?

So to review last week’s challenges:

1. Drink a pint of water before my feet hit the ground.

Fail. But for good reason — it wasn’t suiting my needs. Actually, it just made my stomach really upset for the morning. I think I’m going to instead switch to drinking a pint of water through my morning routine. When that becomes easy, then I’ll return to drinking a pint before my feet hit the ground.

Overall score: 6/10

2. Keep track of every dollar I spend.

I did okay. I kept to my budget, but I had a couple purchases which I guess I forgot about, because the amount in my wallet does not match the spread sheet. As such, I’ve purchased a small booklet to keep in my purse to track my spending. Similarly, I bought a coupon-sized file folder for my purse to manage all my coupons / rewards cards which I don’t regularly use.

Overall score: 7.5/10

3. Run at least 3 miles.

Success! In fact, I ran 3.55 miles from the 5th to the 11th, and another 2.2 miles yesterday (total in eight days: 5.75!). And this Friday I plan on running at least another two! This is, by far and away, the most success I’ve ever had at personal fitness motivation.

Discoveries about running: don’t eat / drink immediately before running; running with people is awesome — not nearly as awkward as I’d assumed.


As such, the challenges for this upcoming week:

1. Keep track of every penny I spend using my spiffy new notebook. Update my spreadsheet whenever I get a chance.

2. Take care of my nails. My mom has beautiful fingernails, and I’ve always admired how she cares for them. But mine? They’re chewed and peeled off, and the cuticles are an absolute mess. As such, I also bought a small nail kit and some clear nail polish (the colors weird me out, so I’m going to go with clear for a while). Maybe I can finally learn how to maintain my nails?

3. Run another 3 miles between today (13 April 2011) and next week (19 April 2011). Totally doable. (Note: this is a side challenge — not counted in actual challenge tallies)


Goal: take a hike through the woods. I don’t know when, but I know it will probably be through Wesley Woods on campus (I have special permissions, despite the fact that there’s a “DO NOT ENTER” sign — love being the favorite!). I’m hoping some of the wildflowers might still be in bloom if I can get out and do it next Monday or Tuesday. I really want to see some Solomon’s Seal and Trillium…


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