life interruptions

I hate admitting this, but life has become a little…busy.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. But I am working two jobs (60 hours, 7 days a week), while simultaneously trying to move, paint two of the rooms in the house I was living in (they were painted since we moved in), and job hunt for when the Library job is over.

Regardless, 7 Day Challenges are going to be suspended for a little while. I’m just not able to finish anything or focus on any big projects, and it’s incredibly frustrating.

In the mean time, I will still maintain the following challenges which I’ve been trying to keep up with:

  • Maintain my nails (I’ve consciously stopped myself from picking at them three times in the last two days…)
  • Run 4 miles per week (despite busting my ass last week, I still got 3.4 miles in!)

Similarly, I hope post updates on the following, which are either complete, or which I have been working on for a while:

  • A craft project I completed (made a book safe!)
  • A couple other craft projects in the works
  • What Scares Me: Thoughts for the Future
  • Compile a list of books to read
  • Compile a count-by-count breakdown of the Big Apple based on what we worked on in Cat’s Corner (all by my lonesome, no help from others!)
  • A really awesome Jack&Jill competition from Korea

Eventually, I will also post about how I will soon be re-vamping the blog and incorporating it into a (hopefully) more professional website. But that might be a while yet.


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