life updates

It has been so long since I’ve been able to post — and not for lack of wanting to! More for lack of time…and a distinct lack of internet, which will continue for another two months (approximately). Gah.

Some basic updates:

  • I now live “OTP,” or “Outside the Perimeter.” Also known as “Really Far Away.” The other day, I arrived seventeen minutes late for work. The next day, I left twenty minutes earlier, and arrived one minute later. That’s how far away I live.
  • On the other hand, I live with my sister, which is pretty cool. Finally getting to bond…when we’re both in the apartment, haha.
  • I got my hair cut, and I’ve been keeping up with my nails, and I’m learning more about fashion every single day. It’s been fun. :)
  • I have a lot of blog updates for you. A lot. Because while I am without internet, I am not without my computer.

And to organize my brain, a list of things I know I need to take care of and post about:

  • Review the Hop Shop! Preview: IT WAS AMAZING.
  • Book Reviews! And maybe a new format for choosing books and posting reviews!!
  • Work on my brother’s birthday present – his birthday’s coming up, after all!
  • Finish my mom’s present, which should have been done months ago.
  • Post about the present I made for my dad, which was super awesome and super fun.
  • Warrior Dash!!

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