life updates

1. I still hate not having internet access.

2. I signed my lease on an apartment! I will be living in Decatur (again! yay!) and I move in at the beginning of July. I will be living in a pseudo-apartment in the basement of a woman’s townhouse. It has its own private entrance and bathroom, an all-inclusive rent, and (gasp!) internet! This apartment could only be more perfect if 1) I could have pets, and 2) I had my own stove (instead, I am allowed to use the landlord’s, who lives upstairs).

3. I’ve been solo-dancing! Or, at least, working on it. Twice last night at Hot Jam — which means two times more than ever before!

4. I’m working on learning the Gangbusters routine with Rachel. Probably got about 1/4 of it down.

5. I sold more than $8000 in a single day at BR on Memorial Day, despite ringing on the cash register for two hours, which works out to more than $1300 an hour. That’s over $3000 more than I have ever sold in a day before! (If you’ve never worked retail before, you should know that $8000 in a day is a lot.)

6. I’m working on making a plan for the next few (many) books I read. Look forward to more on that soon!


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