a short update

We have major success. I just rocked out a new year’s goal: to read more books than I did last year. You know what is particularly spectacular about this accomplishment? It’s only June. That means I have half a year yet to go, and I’m comfortably ahead. Well, on-par: technically, I have only matched what I read last year. But that still means I rock! Upcoming reviews: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (post in just a moment) and Practical Demonkeeping by Christopher Moore (sorry — you’ll have to wait for this one).

Other updates: I am in the process of scheduling a mover to help me out for the big move back to Decatur (ah, urban life) this weekend. I am beyond excited about the following amenities: no roommate, wireless internet, and being within the city limits of Atlanta, where I work. My gas bill will no longer be double my gas budget!!!

I am also working on my resume and cover letter for a job at the Library as a staff member. That’s right — a salary, benefits, and regular working hours without the need of a second job. Consider me pumped — but please, cross your fingers! While many people really think me exceedingly qualified for this job, there are a few people in HR who seriously doubt my abilities. I know I can rock out their expectations — but I really need to get the job first to be able to prove that.

So, no updates right now.


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