review: pride and prejudice

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

I did not have high expectations for this book. Thus, imagine my surprise to find myself up until 1:30AM to finish the novel! I quickly got in the groove of the old-fashioned sentence structure and word choice, and I never found the wordy monologues out of character with either the characters of the novel or the era in which it was set.

One thing I honestly appreciated was better-understanding some of the events in the movie, such as the impetus for Jane’s journey with her aunt and uncle. I also found scene where Lady Catherine de Bourgh visits Jane to demand her refusal of Darcy’s proposal to be more appropriate to her character.

Overall, I found the book immensely more enjoyable than the movie – reading about Mr. Darcy’s struggle and Jane’s reversal of feelings was incredibly satisfying. However, I found the ending of the novel to be a huge let down: it suffered from the egregious error of telling, rather than showing, the action – just as the action was getting good! As such, I think the movie does a much more satisfactory job with the ending, which leaves me all warm-and-gooey on the inside.

My biggest frustration is the last sentence as it dwells on the aunt and uncle –I do not see their overall importance to the novel at all, and I feel it brings the entire novel down. Anyone able to explain to give me a satisfactory reasoning will get a cookie and my undying gratitude.


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