what’s that saying…?

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.” – Japanese Proverb

Okay, not that one, though it is pretty good. No, I’m thinking about something along the lines of getting back on the horse. The proverbial horse, that is, since I’ve never been a big horseback rider.

When I moved in with my sister, I had no internet; however, I moved out in July, and I’ve had internet since then. So why no posts? I fell out of habit, and I had no motivation to get back in habit, no matter the inspiration.

However, despite my sudden disappearance from the blogging world, I haven’t really stopped making personal improvements:

  • I’ve fulfilled my dance competition goals for the year (compete four times), and I have another two competitions lined up for this weekend. I’ll try to post videos of some of those comps at some point.
  • I’ve been solo dancing — even competed in it twice (see above) — though, there was much coercion involved, I won’t lie.
  • Not only are my student loans consolidated, but I’ve been making regular payments on them. Yay!
  • Continued reading books & analyzing them, though I failed to post any of those reviews I was going to post. Maybe I’ll get around to posting some of them later?
  • I’m currently under-going a “30 day cleanse” of coke. Well, technically I’m cleansing all soft drinks — but let’s be honest. I only drank coke.

So honestly, we’re doing pretty well. A lot has happened — I applied for a job at the Library, but didn’t get it; I’m one of the best sellers at BR; I’m studying for the GRE, and I’m finally looking at Grad School like I might actually want to go.

Time away from the blog has honestly probably done me good. I’m probably going to adjust the direction of this blog from week-long challenges to whatever challenge comes up. Here are some thoughts:

  • I want to learn to sew. Not just mend a hole in my pants, but refashion jeans. I need a sewing machine, so it will take a while, but it’s gonna happen.
  • I want to like where I live. I mean, I like it, but I want more — awesome decorations, smart setup. I live in a small place, and I need to revamp it so that it’s more…comfortable.
  • I want to learn to use my camera. I have a lot of friends who want the same with their own cameras, so I think this is very achievable.
  • I want to continue to improve at doing my own makeup, hair, and fashion; I’ve learned a lot, but I still have my off days.

I’m trying to fine-tune the direction of whatever I post: not necessarily updates about my life as much, I know. But are they going to be more project oriented? More challenge oriented? With more pictures or more steps or more reactions?

Any questions / comments / rude remarks are welcome. I’m gonna go study now, but I’m definitely back.


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