peace out, with style

Today, I am writing my letter of resignation for BR.

I am very excited.

I will be putting in my two weeks notice, like a good, respectable employee (instead of quitting with a big, flying bird at all the ass-hats I work with, which was my first instinct). This puts my end date at Dec. 19th, which means I will have worked with the company for a year and four days. I am ready to move on.

Don’t let me fool you — I have enjoyed working for BR (for the most part). I have learned an incredible amount about fashion, about clothing, about retail in general, and about customer service. I have honed my mad multi-tasking skillz, and I have worked hard at learning to sell to my customers, rather than merely helping people who were already intending to buy. I am one of the top sales employees of the past year, for both sales and cards — in fact, I am only behind the employee who is employed full time, in either respect. I love working with the customers, and I love the basis of what I do: styling my customers, and promoting the brand for which I work.

On the other hand, I am challenged by two main things: first, the hours, which change week to week and frequently inhibit any plans I would like to make; second, the work ethic of many of my fellow employees, which is poor at best. Those people frustrate me to no end.

My new job will be doing some bookkeeping for a friend. I will be getting paid more, and I will be mostly working on my own. I will get paid $6 more per hour, which means if I want to maintain the weekly amount I make, I can work approximately 10 hours less per week. That’s 40 hours less per month. In my book, that is an absurd amount of free time.

Additionally, I will be able to decide when I work (as in, not at 11pm at night). I will be able to take more time to spend with my family for Christmas (I haven’t spent even 24 hours in a row at home since this past summer). And I will not have the temptation of fantastic clothing staring me in the face on a daily basis.

I’m sure there’s a downside to all of this…but I haven’t found it yet. I’m just excited.

My only challenge at the moment is quitting in a respectable way, rather than going out with style, like this:


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