chickens and bananas

Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched. Also known as: Don’t write your resignation letter for a company you really want to leave before you absolutely, positively know you’re going to have another job at the end of that two week’s notice.

Thankfully, they called me before I actually turned it in.

So I haven’t quit BR yet. My new job — which I am still hired for, I swear — just takes a little while to start. I have to be trained first, but I can only be trained about 5hrs/wk, meaning it will take about three months to get trained (less if I have anything to say about it!). So for now, I have to keep working at BR. I’ll probably make it through the busy holiday season, and then be able to slip out quietly in the absolutely dead lull that hits retail stores immediately after all the gift cards have been spent.

It is doubly challenging to want to go to work right now. I got so excited about quitting — so unbelievably excited, planning on all my free time and schedule freedom — that it’s hard to go back knowing I have a few months left, rather than just a couple weeks. Every time they give me BRC and Sales goals, I sigh on the inside.

I was so close to being free. But at least there’s an end in sight!

Other Updates (for those who are curious about how I’ve been)

In other news, I have attended a wealth of social things lately — outside of dancing, even — and it’s been a blast. I had dinner with two friends which was lovely, and I ate a meal I’d never had before — with squash and zucchini and some little potato dumpling thing, all which I’d also never had but all of which was delicious (thank you again, blog-stalker-you-know-who-you-are; I love you!). It was delicious, and it looked so easy to cook! I can’t wait to have a real apartment with a kitchen and everything.

Speaking of which — I am looking for a place to stay using ProMove, a free apartment search agency which is fantastic. They take your price range and the area where you can live, and they present to you a list of apartments which fill your needs. After you review the apartments they’ve given you and decided which ones you might like, they call the apartments for you and get the best move-in deals. Now, if only I could find a similar service while hunting for graduate schools…

And speaking of Grad Schools, I take the GRE on the 20th. I’ve been studying, and while I did quite well on the written practice tests, I am not doing as well on the computer practice tests. Luckily, I have 11 more tests on verbal and math each to get comfortable with everything.

Finally, I attended the Grinchmas / Yankee Christmas Present Swap / Yay Shoe’s Graduated! party a couple days ago, and had the absolute best time I’ve ever had at a party in my life. I think there were a couple of contributing factors to this: 1) the people were all nerdy and vaguely socially awkward, which means we all got along fantastically; 2) getting drunk to How the Grinch Stole Christmas is great fun — both if you’re participating and if you’re watching (like me); 3) I brought my camera, so any time I wasn’t talking to someone and being social, I was able to hide a little behind the lens and still participate (rather than be unsociable in a corner, which is my usual MO).

I also happened to meet a really nice person who had also brought his camera with him. I figure that until I can dedicate some time to regular classes with my camera, the best I can do is pick up tips from the people I meet. This happened to be a fantastic endeavor in knowledge acquisition, which made me really excited. And when I retrieve my camera from Shoe’s apartment, where I left it somewhere between the bedroom where my coat was stored and the door, I will post some of those photos.

So all in all, it’s been an incredibly social, productive, and good week. Other than still being entrapped in a less-than-fulfilling retail job for the remainder of the holiday season, of course.



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